UKON Careers

Our vision and role is to develop, encourage greater participation & understanding in carnival arts & support employability skills. We also support community cohesion.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Community Support Needs Help

Established in May 2014, and focused was initially on delivering career guidance and information services to encourage economic wellbeing and inspire success in young people and our communities.
UKON Vision: – We encourage economic wellbeing and inspire success for individuals and in our communities.
UKON Mission Statement: – To deliver motivational and inspirational projects to support cohesion, inclusion, economic and emotional wellbeing for individuals and our communities.
To develop Carnival Arts locally and nationally and build engagement and participation.


Help UKON’s Community Engagement COVID Projects

UKON Careers is a Community Interest Company based in the heart of Barking and Dagenham and delivers services locally and internationally. We are a careers company that uses carnival arts as a platform to support people into employment, education, and training.

We are fundraising to help with our community engagement COVID projects. Your donation will be supporting;

  • Online delivery
  • Volunteer placements
  • Education on the history and heritage of carnival
  • Support delivery with elderly citizens
  • Support low-income families and so on
  • Creative workshops